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Do you generate your own #renewableenergy? Do you want to divert the #excessenergy you produce into your home rather than pumping it back into the grid?

Then you should consider getting a #powerdiverter. These devices divert any excess power that has been generated back into your heating system to heat your water.

✅ This means you buy less energy from your supplier as you are using your own energy that you previously didn’t have access to. This could save you up to £450 a year.

✅ Make the most of energy you’ve generated, especially as #feedintariffshave stopped accepting new applicants (will not impact feed-in-tariff payments).

✅ Make use of the energy you have generated without paying for expensive solar batteries.

✅ Helps you on the road to ensuring your home is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Check out these top rated power diverter providers:

1. myenergi

2. #powerdiverter



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